15 May 2017

A tree or two

The Trees and Bees course at the weekend was brilliant - not only do I know an oak from an ash, but can recognise an Indian chestnut and a pawlonia and tell a few other species apart. We identified 119 types of tree (and quite a few insects) and I have photos of all of them, mostly labelled now, though there is a bit of confusion about some of them, despite extensive note taking. Several tree books are on order...

Some of my Regents Park favourites:
Poplars are called cottonwoods in America because of the white fluff  that appears this time of year
Judas tree
White pawlonia on a grey day
Learning what to look for in a leaf
Course leader Steven Falk conpares metasequoia (left) with swamp cypress.
Those "poles" beside the lake are "breathing tubes" for the swamp cypress.
"It's this one" - a tree bumblbee (they nest in holes in trees - and buildings)

Can't remember what these are, but isn't the greenery lovely, and the wild flowers

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