29 May 2017

Art I like - Caroline Achaintre

Caroline Achaintre works in tufting, ceramics, drawing, fabric sculpture, and other media. Here she is in her studio in 2014, as seen in Tate etc magazine -
In that article she says: "I work with the mask in the widest sense, using ceramics and textiles. My tufted works always depict more than one being. There is the fa├žade of the surface, and then the question of who is behind it. I was interested in the psychological aspect of what you see in these objects: they have anthropomorphic features, but they are not abstract, and not yet figurative; a multilayering of multi-personalities."

Some more of the tufted work (images from her website) - 
Insider, 2007

Om Nom Ore, 2015
 And an installation (2011)  with "Zibra" -
Three ceramic pieces -
Drawings -
Air Hair, 2014 (via)
Recently her work was in the Making & Unmaking exhibition June-Sept last year - large padded flat shapes made of african fabrics, pinned up on the wall. No photography allowed in that exhibition, but I did a quick drawing -
Another "F.Ritz" was in a show in Brussels last year -

A wild and wonderful and bold and audacious use of textiles as an art medium.

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Sue Sharples said...

Some really interesting fabric art here! Specially like the last one!
Sue x