31 May 2017

Bill's Silver River - revisited again

Since 2004 I've been fascinated by the meandering river called Cuckmere, after seeing Bill Brandt's moody, stripped-back photo, taken in 1963. I used it as inspiration for a quilt for some challenge or other, made of layers of sheer fabric and net.

In 2010, out for a drive, we came upon Cuckmere unexpectedly and I wrote about trying to photograph the scene from a moving car.

Third time lucky - photography is easier from the top of a bus, especially when Sunday traffic is slow -
Travelling eastward, 3pm

Travelling westward, 6pm
The quilt made in 2004 now hangs in the house of friends, just a few miles from the river

During my previous stay I was taken on a walk from the coast guard cottages at the river mouth

along the river to a lovely pub - which turns out to be on the No.12 bus route (Brighton to Eastbourne).

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