30 May 2017

DrawingTuesday - Brunei Gallery

The current exhibition is "Celebrating Art and Music" (till 24 June). First, a wander round...
Dancer (stencil?)

Burmese harps

A scene from the Ramayana (paint on cotton) - Prince Rama
is defeating the ogre in a fierce battle

Musical instruments
What caught my eye, with a view to the "gridded" theme for JQs, was this screen ... and I struggled with it ...

 So drawing the kora was a relief. An ethnographical film made in the Gambia in 1970, at the start of the Super 8 era, by Roderic Knight was playing in the background, showing how a kora was made and how its making fitted into village life in terms of it having a "godmother" and a celebration when it was finished.
Janet B found the large harp wouldn't fit on just the one page -
 Najlaa fitted smaller instruments on smaller pages -
 Judith's pages held large metal sculptures of dancers (by Sokari Douglas Camp) -
 Whereas Carol went out in the Japanese roof garden -
 and Michelle too had a gardenish theme, with a frottage composition -

Extracurricular activity: Janet B has been drawing at the vet school again -
Polar bear


Sue Sharples said...

The Dancer's 'stole' looks rather like a tyre tread! Was it a good show this time? Sue x

Linda B. said...

I love following your Drawing Tuesdays, in much the same way people watch cookery programmes - it saves a lot of effort!
But for once I've actually seen and admired your subject matter. I was in London with my daughter for 24 hours a fortnight ago to see Eric Clapton and we managed 30 minutes in the Brunei gallery en route to the hotel.The Kora, associated documentary and music was fascinating - as for drawing it - you're a brave woman!