24 May 2017

Books in their new, happy home

After the renovation of the living room, some bookcases needed building. The first one is now ready - this is the during and after of the story... it's been so long, I've completely forgotten the "before".
First, check that the walls are level (they aren't, says the laser level)

The carcass is in place

Setting up for spray painting

The spray booth in use

It adds that je ne sais quoi to the room (as do the towers of toolboxes)

In the "carpentry workshop", shelves have been sprayed with undercoat

The cases are ready

Impressive detailing!

The first books are in place

Waiting for the shelves to dry before more books can be added
The Domestic Carpenter has been so busy ... but he pulled out all the stops for my birthday and this is what I saw on the morning -
 By mid-afternoon, some of the books behind the chairs had found their way onto the shelves and it was time for a little hiatus -
 Today the rest of the shelves were filled and the piles of books moved to an empty stretch of wall. And the position of the rug adjusted a little, along with some thorough hoovering -
The cookbooks on the ladder are going ... where ...
 When the furniture was replaced, it looked like this -
Oh! Where did all those paperbacks come from?
I'm trying to feel comfortable sitting at the desk with my back to the room and with so much space either side as well. (All the books etc that I know are lurking behind the red chairs are a bit off-putting.)

My fervent hope is that the Domestic Carpenter will, having made one bookcase, be able to whip up another in the very near future.

 The worst case scenario is to get some white Billy bookcases from Ikea.

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magsramsay said...

What a transformation! We designed our living room around the book cases so recognise their importance to happiness