23 May 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Petrie Museum

Two men in a boat caught my eye -
 I like how they become shadowy, among the sails-
 To fill in the final few minutes I drew pots, or rather jugs, using indigo inktense pencil and ivory black derwent watercolour pencil. The aim was to add water and see what happened, but I struggle with the waterbrush and left that step till I could use a proper paintbrush -
But I had started with this bit of carving from a tomb which had traces of colour, and a lovely little "teapot" under the table -
 Carol spent the session depicting a vista of crowded vitrines -
 Sue did several drawings on coloured paper - good idea ...
 Apologies for the paleness - Michelle's terracotta doll is a striking shape -
 Mags brought along her "pot-coloured" pencils; see her other drawings on her blog -
 Extracurricular activities -
Sunsets from Mags' holiday in Greece, juxtaposed with details from a finished quilt

In her current City Lit course, Sue made drawings through cutout "windows"
and experimented with materials

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