28 May 2017

The thrill of the mill

After poking round Rottingdean - checking out the charity shops, buying a mango, seeing the Burne Jones windows in St Margaret's church, lunching in the garden designed by Gertrud Jekyll and visiting the museum in the Lutyens-enhanced house - I made my way to Beacon Hill and the windmill for one of the open studios that are part of the Brighton Festival. The panorama's waviness reflects the windiness of the day -
 The mill, a smock mill, is a wonderful object -

 inside as well as outside -
 The show was by artist-in-residence The Baron Gilvan.
 Bits of mill machinery were interspersed with the paintings ...
Upstairs was space enough to show a film of the work being made, sometimes with a huge, long stick of charcoal -

The artist was wearing a coordinating hand-painted shirt.

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irene macwilliam said...

the paintings are fantastic and seem to fit well into the venue