02 May 2017

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

Most of us were in the "Pacific North West" exhibition...
Yellow spruce and cedar root cloak collected on Capt Vancouver's 1791-5 expedition

Chilcat blanket - a very complicated weaving technique

Judith's masks

Najlaa's modern glass bowl

Sue's mask and rattle

Carol's collection

Janet K's wood carving

Jo's little wood sculpture

Janet B - a Greek horse


magsramsay said...

Looks like I missed a good session but I thought of you all when sketching in Greece,some amazing clay masks in Sparta museum.

yarngoddess@hotmail.com said...

I admire the Chilkat weaving a lot and the designs are complex. While the weaving itself is time consuming, twining is not a complex technique. Because the designs are curvalinear, they are sometimes surprising to weavers who think in terms of the grid.