09 September 2013

A busy time

In the past week I haven't been able to keep up with blogging - other things get in the way sometimes! I was involved in giving an award to a Camberwell book arts graduate, which meant visiting the  MA show several times, and I had a couple of social days, with much chat and coffee, and a day trip to the Cloth & Memory exhibition at Saltaire (review will appear soon), not to mention a funky little exhibition of paintings of the 2012 golden jubilee river pageant, which involved discovering new bus routes and walking in the park on a sunny Sunday morning. Also there have been three shopping expeditions on three consecutive days, whetting my long-suppressed consumer appetite.

To fill in the gaps, here are some photos unrelated to any of the above activities -
New view from the studio window - trees next door have gone and the room is so much lighter!
I fear for the chestnut at the back of the garden.
Men's fashion, Finsbury Park tube station
Boys and their toys, London Overground
Seen from the bus, near Marble Arch
Food fad - spelt flatbread with various toppings. Warning: can be difficult to cut,
and can slide off slab onto lap. Can be messy.

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