19 September 2013

Colour mixing 6

This tranche of work went from pp201 to very nearly the start of the dictionary.
bush-butcher to caup-cavern 169-201
magenta, cadmium yellow, light blue violet, naples yellow, mixing white, cadmium red
big-bill to burglar-burnet 123-167
light blue violet, cadmium red, interference blue, cadmium yellow, bright green, magenta
baksheesh-Balkanise to bewray-bichromate 93-121
ultramarine, emerald, payne's grey, cadmium red, mixing white, light blue violet
approbation-apterous to Bactrian-bahada 59-91
 prism violet, cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue, mixing white
pp 59-201
Twice this week, just before reaching the previous painted section, I've realised that the change in colour was going to be a big leap rather than a gentle segue - so the challenge was to mix the colour that lies between the two -

Once the beginning is reached, in a day or two, it will be time to do the 300 or so pages at the end, after p1271. This will need switching into a different mode - instead of going backward, and having a limited set of pages at each session, I'll be going forward and might not know when to stop!

Good information on colour - with exercises - can be found in Beata Keller-Kerchner's posts on andthenwesetitonfire. They started on 1 September and continue at time of writing.

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