26 September 2013

Art I like - Linda Ekstrom

No sooner had someone asked me, "Are you ever going to get back to your lines?" than I came across the "Wreadings" of Linda Ekstrom.
Wreadings (Edward Jabes) 2003
She says: "Wreadings is a process in which the artist writes the text simultaneously as she reads the text. Considered drawings, these works are created in the style of blind contour drawing in which the artist looks only at the words of the book and never at the marks on the page." (What would a blind drawing of a journey on the tube or bus look like?)

Another of my ongoing interests is erasures, and Linda also does erasures ("Erasures reveals within the text of the page underlying patterns and repetition of words, and uncovers hidden meanings by erasing the extraneous") -
Erasures (live/veil/evil), 2003
Word is central to Linda's work, as related to the body and to space and memory. She seeks to construct meaning out of the common and domestic forms that abound in her world, "and to insert my practice into larger currents of religious thought, history and ritual expressions which define life, lived-out within the cosmos."

This is a view of her 2006 exhibition Unravelling, showing some of the other forms her work takes -
Do visit her website to see more.

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