30 April 2014


CQ has come up with a good title for the latest challenge! It's 120cm x 50cm and the deadline is 1 July. A handling sample must be made...

Ideas for this undertaking were like buses - you wait for ages and then two come at once -
One involves hand embroidery and arose from this sample -
This piece, if finished according to plan, threatens to be too simple - dark marks on light cloth. With blue lines and red lines. And of course the dislocation (breaks in the overall pattern). And slight variations in the cloth, and possibly in the threads. That might make it less simple, more worth a closer look.

Making the "handling sample" will be instructive. If that doesn't go in the right direction, it's on to Plan B.

The other idea, Plan B, arises from sequences of museum-maze photos -
taken in the British Library foyer
taken outside Tate Britain cafe, lower floor
It would involve screen-printing the floor pattern on squares of cloth, then painting different legs on each square. Possibly there would be flecks of colour in the form of fingernail-sized bits of cloth added, sort of confetti effect ...why? I see those as energy, to match the "purpose" in the legs. How do energy and purpose relate to "dislocation" ... well, any sort of movement from here to there is a personal dislocation, is it not?

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Jenny said...

Please, please, do the museum maze photos idea. I think that it is the most interesting of the two by far.
As a CQ member I would love to see the result.