18 April 2014

Kwang Young Chun's wrapped accumulations

They are presented framed, like paintings - but a more accurate description is paper sculptures. The irregular shapes (foam blocks) are wrapped in Korean mulberry paper, tied with paper string. Some works on show at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Cork Street, were small - you could just about tuck them under your arm, had you been allowed - but most were large -
and the wrapped parcels were set in various configurations and colourways. These are details -

The New York Times said: "Chun’s preference for using natural dyes and handmade mulberry paper was born from childhood memories of his uncle’s pharmacy, where small medicinal herb parcels that were similarly wrapped with paper and hung in tight clusters from the ceiling in order to protect them from insects. ... [he said in interview] "When I started the Aggregation in late 1980, I wanted to express and take forward the spirit of Korean traditions using mulberry paper, which used to be indigenous to every Korean household ... Then in 2004, my work started to look more like lunar landscapes and dry desert as I wanted to express my anger and criticism toward modern society and how it is destroying environment.""

Outside, the one in the window takes its context - reflection of the building across the street - to make an inadvertent "criticism toward modern society" -
His website is chunkwangyoung.com

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Sandy said...

These are fascinating. Is the main surface made up of parcels fitted together like a jigsaw with the protruding pieces fitted into various places?