12 April 2014

More boro

More from the exhibition at Somerset House. Click on the images to enlarge.


bbusbyarts said...

thanks for posting these- not only are they visually spectacular, they have a deep meaning as well.

-Betty Busby

Helen from Hobart said...

Thank you Margaret for allowing us to share your exploration of art and textiles.
I love the concept of stretching textiles over canvases. It can be a hassle to do, but it makes the work more acceptable to art galleries.

Martha said...

Margaret, you have given us a gift by posting these textiles and the text accompanying them. One can visualize the many skilled hands that layered and stitched these pieces for warmth while their inner spirit added beauty to them. This reminds me of a quote about pioneer women who "made quilts as fast as they could so their families would not freeze and made them as beautiful as they could so their hearts would not break."
Martha Ginn