19 April 2014

Watching paint dry

Yet another layer on "the landscape" - it wasn't meant to be a landscape, in fact it started in portrait format but quickly got turned round.

This is one of three pieces I'm adding paint to, day after day. Half an hour is about the right amount of time - enough time for deciding what to do next, and then doing it. And not thinking about it between times. Though  I'm noticing more when looking at paintings ... along the lines of "oh that would be something to try, a shape to add, a colour to use".

The idea is to start again completely when it gets stuck, and to enjoy mixing colours and loading the brush and dabbing the paint here & there. To get used to handling these things. To notice what happens.

Some days I take several pictures, some days just the one. It evolves -

Bad little habits I'd like to shed: (a) being mean with paint; (b)getting fiddly; (c) being dull.

Hmm, let me rephrase that! I'm trying to be liberal with the paint squeezed onto the palette, and any moment now BOLD things will appear.

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irene macwilliam said...

I think they look fabulous, I loved seeing all 4 of them together.