16 August 2014

Bring on the brights

The way the camera catches the colours isn't the way they actually are, and despite my attempts (using Levels) to correct this in Photoshop, it doesn't always work. For one thing, between taking photos of the painting at various stages, the light can change subtly, or even drastically. And the angle of the laptop screen might make a difference too. 

Can you see any difference between these? The previous stage was mainly blue(+white), with some thin stripes of cadmium red and payne's grey. 
with vermillion+white and magenta+white
now with neon pink
The neon pink was from a bin of "reduced for quick clearance" paints - £2.75 down to £1.75, how can you resist? For this sort of playing, and hopefully for monoprinting, they are just the thing, and I bought just about every jolly colour, including gold, silver, and bronze.

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