22 August 2014

New caf on the block

At one corner of the Arts Building(!) in the big John Jones redevelopment is, newly opened, a bakery/cafe -
Through the windows, in the photo, you can just about see the teeny-tiny minicab office across the street, and the rail yard beyond that - very scenic... Not to forget the Hair Port salon, just out of view...

This pic, presumably of the High St Ken cafe, from their website shows that trendy-area prices are seeping along to up-and-coming Finsbury Park - £3 for a capuccino, £2.25 for tea. Ouch!
This area could definitely do with some more places to buy good bread. I'm a big fan of the 5-cereal loaves from the organic shop, but don't happen to be passing by it all that often. Whereas this cafe is open early and late, and requires only a slight swerve on the way home from the tube station.

Outside the swish new building, reality kicks in -
The teeny-tiny minicab office, with rail yard behind

"Hair Port" and the hand car wash, with Finsbury Park underground behind


reensstitcher said...

This really takes me back. I used to spend a lot of time in that area back in the seventies and early eighties when I was training ESOL teachers. I particularly remember two wonderful Greek bakeries from which I used to buy pastries. I will also always remember the snowy December day when the heel fell off my boot and I had to get back to South London limping like 'dot and carry one'.

Jane Housham said...

Ah, takes me back too, from my Crouch End days, endlessly waiting for the 52 from Finsbury Park station.