20 August 2014

Keeping track of journal quilts

CQ's JQs this year are 8"x8" and what a lovely size that is. Now and then I've been producing one or more in the "High Horizons" series, and putting them in a stack, intending to upload them to the yahoogroup photo site "soon".

The upload deadlines are 30 April, 31 Aug, and 30 Dec - four quiltlets at a time, if you've not been uploading them month by month. Which means there can be a lot of confusion if you haven't labelled them as soon as they're ready (made and edged/bound, photographed and edited)  - confusion not just in terms of title, but also in terms of which month they're intended for. Or even ... "did I upload this one already? surely ... but I can't find it in the yahoogroup files..." - nor can I find it on my computer, oh dear....

So much confusion! Time to devise A System ... yet again - but by writing it down, I can avoid confusion next year.
It makes sense to have all high-res photos of quilts in a big folder called Quilts. This is in My Pictures, and is not to be confused with the folder called "quilts" in the ready-to-upload-to-the-blog (ie, low res) folder, which is on the Desktop.  (What to do with those low-res pix is a matter for "later".)

(The size of the photo - high res or low res - can quickly be discovered by hovering the curson at the bottom right of the photo, but it's easier to separate the "print" versions from the "web" versions - or at least to label them, eg Title_highres, when renaming.)
Back to the 11 JQs, four (or more?) of which are in the yahoogroup Albums already. My own files show just two, Feb and April, with titles that indicate this, and the titles of the others show that some of the quiltlets - all of which are in the Quilts folder - haven't been properly named yet. 

First step, then, is to get some bits of paper, write the names, and pin them to the quiltlets. Add the months, found by checking through the Albums. Order is starting to appear. The "new" quiltlets can be assigned to months and uploaded to the relevant Albums. All shall be well...

Ah but what about the filename - which becomes the title of the quilt in the album? It's best if it includes the maker's name as well as the title of the quilt. As well, having the month in the filename is useful for me.

I decided on the format of [Month]14_TitleOfQuilt_MyName. This leaves out the series name, High Horizons, but keeps the filename short(ish).
All the 2014 JQs, uploaded, titled - or not - went into a new folder within Quilts called 2014jqs High Horizons, and while I was there I made folders for other years of JQs and various other categories of quilts. It now feels Very Organised!

But on uploading the first of the new bunch, I realised that I'd forgotten to check whether they were low res, and sure enough they weren't. It was the work of a moment to "Save for Web" into the  ready-to-upload-to-the-blog folder and from there into the Albums. 

Which leaves the loose end of those low-res pix in the blogging folder... Simplest thing would be to rename the "quilts" sub-folder there something like "quilts on web", to avoid confusion. 

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