29 August 2014

Mixed media

The camera takes a look around the studio...
Top row: a layer of yellow paint (inspired by Cy Twombley's Lepanto); lot of biro marks make the paper ripple; snips of fabric (too small for anything else) knotted and strung
Bottom row:  ink and water make a notebook ripple; discharge paste screened onto cotton velvet; pressed flowers bondawebbed under organza

Top row: colour catchers; an inky accident in a Hungarian felt bag; threads - paper, silk, cotton, linen
Bottom row: writing implements, and others, recently used; cutting implements; fabric sorted in drawers by colour

Top row: more fabric behind glass; prints and drawings piled in chronological order; dyeing materials
Bottom row: unused small sketchbooks; pads and loose papers; neglected pens

The "neglected pens" that got this train of thought going are, or rather were, gathering dust in a corner of a cupboard. Thinking to throw out the felt pens - surely they'd be dried out by now, I've had them for 20 years - I also mused that they were not a drawing implement I ever choose to use ... why? because of the dull, flat line they make, and the unwanted darkening of colour when they overlap. But had I explored their mark-making possibilities - of course not.

A few minutes with a pad of scrap paper found that most of the pens were still alive -
As for the mark-making, some variables are: how the pen is held (angle to paper; firmly close to point or loosely at end); direction of line; spacing of lines; pressure on paper; speed of pen across paper. Slowing down was a revelation (I tend to want to Get It Done Quickly).

That was fun, and I really liked the "loose" marks and parallel lines, but I still can't imagine wanting to use felt-tip pens for a project. Hmm, never say never...

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Felicity said...

You can also use felt pens to make paint, apparently - hang on I'll find the link

Felicity said...

I can't vouch for the quality of the paint but it looks like fun http://happyhooligans.ca/vibrant-homemade-liquid-watercolor-paint/

The Inside Stori said...

What a great and inspirational subject for a blog post!!!!

Heather Pregger said...

I loved your post. And I love Cy Twombly's work. We have a Twombly museum in Houston. Have you been there? It's wonderful -- the number and scale of the paintings is amazing.

Sandy said...

Okay, you need ideas for why you might want to do felt tips?

Well, somewhere I read about putting rubbing alcohol on and it spreads the marks into something interesting.
and thought number 2. you could do some marks every day like the paint thing!
As you know, I generally have no shortage of ideas, it is time that I lack. But for a realistic answer, I use felt tip pens like Triplus Fineliner to get small details into work or to highlight anomalies in a hand dyed fabric and turn it into a picture or something. Sometimes a fabric is nearly but not quite right, so I use felt tips to draw over it in such a way as to turn it into something that works better.