30 May 2015

Blast from the past - sofa cushions

The moth-fight has its upside - such as rediscovering things stashed at the back of the cupboard.
These cushions have seen better days and in fact the covers are now in the bin, and the pads (feather filled; £3.85 at John Lewis, back in the day) are offered on Freecycle.

The centres were printed (in a press) from some copper plates found at a flea market, ages ago. More of those prints are ... somewhere; so are the plates. The cushions date back to my early years in this flat, mid-90s, and have been in storage for ... no idea how long. They've cleared some room.

And weren't particularly well thought out, in the first place - one of those ideas that you have to act on instantly, for the joy of getting it done.

It may be that they were chair cushions rather than sofa cushions. I used to have some rather uncomfortable folding chairs with slatted seats.

It's good to move on! I also found a box with some printed cotton dresses from the 70s or perhaps even 60s, found at jumble sales and intended for patchwork. Colour theme: lilac. Now they are "vintage" and I'm wondering what to do with them. The yardage that was in the same box is leaving the building as soon as possible - it's of no interest to me now.

In case you think this is suddenly being too ruthless  ... we had a bit of a shock in that the young man who works with Tom found himself out on the street in the middle of the night, without shoes even, watching his home go up in flames. He and the other residents were lucky to escape with their lives - minutes after they were roused from sleep and hurried out, their rooms were blazing. Everyone lost everything - computers, clothes, bikes, cash - but "it's only stuff".

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Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about the fire and the young man's situation. I hope there have been some organisations who can help them with immediate needs.