20 May 2015

Sunday excursion

To a bookshop, via Hampstead Heath. Taking gentle exercise: up the hill and back down again.
Hampstead Heath in bloom - cow parsley and chestnut
Dappled shade and dogwalkers
More dapples, with runners this time
Into Hampstead village, with churchbells ringing peals (interminably, it seemed)
A good year for wisteria
Seen on Flask Walk
Here lived the author of the Eton Boating Song, written in 1862
Neighbours - wisteria and clematis
A touch of Arabia on the way back to the station
(and mares' tails heralding a change in the weather)
Near the station is Daunt Books - "travel, literature, and non-fiction" (they have some interesting talks to listen to, here). So many books, so little time, so many that I wanted to read immediately (but did not buy) - 

 We were prowling round in the Berlin section, with its fiction conveniently grouped -
A good half of the books were set in or dealt with WW2. I was after something more historical, or more modern, not sure which; again, I wasn't able to choose anything to buy. Maybe the desired novel will appear when we get there. Or after we come back?

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