27 May 2015

Superscript overkill

The silly-seriousness of the "little sentence" (description, mission statement, catch-phrase - what's it called??) that follows the company name didn't sink in till the lights changed and the truck moved off, so it's hard to see the words, never mind the superscripts. Here's a closer view -
Note the superscript R in a circle after "nila" (= registered trade mark, presumably) and the TM superscript after "name" - or is it "final name" that's trademarked? [and why?]

An overkill of punctiliousness? But the rules of what we used to call "display matter" indicate that less is more in titles - superscripts (eg reference numbers in titles of journal articles) are a no-no. Equally, they're out of place here ... or perhaps they abound in such situations, and this happens to be the first time I've noticed them - seen any good superscripts lately?

1 comment:

Kathleen Loomis said...

I'm still fixated on the descriptor. Perhaps it's the final name in food service because of the disturbing proportion of clients who croak shortly after eating it......