13 May 2015

Gathered and released

Colourful running stitch on layered organza continues. The ungathered strip is shown at the design stage here; others, transformed into journal quilts, are here, and their genesis is here. Gathered up, it and others await steaming in my improvised steamer.
Once they've been steamed, they need to be unwrapped. This next one was an experiment in the "wrapping" (which holds the bottom edge in tight pleats), using crochet chain-stitch -- will it make the thread curly, so it springs up between the folds?
You can see the thread "springing up" here -
 Less so on the other side, which has shorter stitches between the ridges.
 The areas of applied fabric mean that each piece has two, different, sides ... which to use?
I'd planned to used the brighter side, but suddenly the potential for deliberate double-sidedness appears. How would that be displayed, though?

Here are all the latest pieces, permanently pleated, still with a froth of thread -
And now I'm going to give this a rest and turn to the Elements quilt, one of the three big(ish) projects I need to finish in the next 20 days - plenty of time!? That quilt is having a hard time coming into the world.

(This post is linked to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday)


Linda said...

Very creative!

Sandy said...

I love the froth of thread! Do keep it!
and I love that it looks like a plaid developing.

I sent some bits first class yesterday. I tried to do a bursting at the seams, but nearly had to pay more because of the thickness and the new slot template it has to go through. I must remember that.

Kaja said...

This is so clever, and I love the results you are getting.

quiltedfabricart said...

What fun! So cool

Karen@littlebirdiequilting said...

so much potential here- for your methods and the resulting bits and pieces!