27 June 2017

Drawing Tuesday - RAF Museum Hendon

 The museum is a 10-minute walk from Colindale tube station.

When I sat down and looked around, this is the view that made it onto the page -

The "sandy" plane is a Hawker Siddley Buccaneer S2B which saw action in the Gulf War before being put into storage. While I was having a closer look at the rivet patterns, a jolly member of the museum's "ground crew" told me about the in-flight braking mechanism, which I'd been drawing without knowing what it was. This is a e area under the tail springs open, and the engine continues to run at full revs, so that once the plane has fired on the plane it was chasing it can close up again and the plane can dart away.

One problem with these big objects, we agreed, was fitting them onto the page.
Janet B's Mustang

Janet K's collection: Hawker Tempest, Percival Mew Gull, Hawker Hart

 Sue was round the other side of the Buccaneer, and also included a De Havilland Mosquito

Extracurricular activities:
 Janet B's felt pots ...
...and her very useful bag (which happens to match her top)

And finally, these jolly models on display in the gift shop -

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