20 June 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Science Museum

The suggested galleries were the Voyages exhibition or the revamped Mathematics gallery near it - both of which were advertised in "the tunnel" between the tube station and the museum -
I used my limited range of pencil crayons to try to replicate one of the ethereal photographs, of some sort of southeast Asian sampan ... but did the sail belong to it, or to another boat model that had been nearby? (all were models from the museum's collection in storage). And in the remaining time I investigated three other photos, including some tricky rigging lines -
For me, the session was about intense looking at 2D representations that gave you few solid clues - was the drawing meant to reconstruct the object, or was it an object in itself, at yet another remove?

Most if not all of the photos from the exhibition are in this interview with the artists.

We are a diverse group and it was edifying to see the different approaches.
Najlaa's renditions
 Jo added powerful white highlights

Janet K captured the heroic and mythic mood

Michelle's ship sails in a dream
From elsewhere...
 Carol's pumping machine, an experiment in monochrome

Sue's chemical model

 Janet B, too, was in another gallery

 Extracurricular activities
 After recent windstorms, Sue was fascinated by broken umbrellas left lying about

 Janet B had been in Glasgow the previous Tuesday, drawing at the Kelvingrove Museum
Michelle brought along her collection of samples from her Painting Techniques course

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