21 June 2017

Midsummer garden


My garden is tiny, so it looks best in closeup and from different angles.

It's also been a bit neglected lately, but manages to bloom profusely. This year's stars were the self-seeded foxgloves, which are all but over now, and the pink cranesbill geranium is getting bigger and bigger. The rosemary needs yet more trimming, but the big box hedge has been clipped. The remaining bit of privet has become a skeleton - until the plants either side grow a bit, it's functioning as a climbing frame for the survivors of the rampant periwinkle that covered what had been trying to be a lawn, before we redid everything.

Looking towards the road
The tree peony in the pot, and the window boxes on the ledge, as well as several plants hidden in the undergrowth and the enthusiastic "friendly daisy", came from Tony's and need special attention. And in this heat wave everything needs watering ... no rain in sight.

Ah, the lavender ... it's a good year for the lavender too!

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Sue Sharples said...

Looking lovely Margaret!