13 June 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Wellcome Collection

Last Tuesday was a very rainy morning so I sat in the cafe for a while to dry off, and got out the pieces of fresh chalk I'd collected from the cliffs at Saltdean during my cat-sitting weekend. While wrapping them in tissue paper  so they wouldn't make a mess in people's bags, I started drawing some of them from various angles, using an indigo inktense pencil -
 and experimenting with using the chalk to smudge (and intensify) the colour ... which led to trying other types of pencil.
 Eventually I went into the Electricity exhibition and mussed about with this'n'that -
The film by Bill Morrison was great - an animation of the physical basis of electric current, and its distribution. See scenes from it here. "In a commissioned film, American artist and filmmaker Bill Morrison used material from the Electricity Council archive at MSI (the Museum of Science and Industry) in Manchester to create a visual journey that explores the production and distribution of electricity and its profound impact on our daily lives. "

Michelle had based one of her drawings on the film - and the other, the sprite, came from a vintage label -
 Jo was intrigued by this early electric motor, the Barlow's wheel (1822; read how it works here) -
 Mags found Edison's first lightbulb -
 Janet K put a lot of nails into this Nkisi figure -
The "round" fish on Najlaa's ancient plate is electric -
 Carol limited herself to using one colour -
 Judith was upstairs drawing the marvellous staircase -
 ... and here it is on its lower level (with an Antony Gormley sculpture nearby)
 Sue found a striking head -
 Extracurricular activities
Janet K has been drawing the nasturtiums on her patio

Carol has been examining and capturing irises

Great minds think alike...
And again, a visual coincidence 
... which gave us another chance to see Mags' "electric" sketchbook

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