16 November 2010

Flower project - a new wrinkle

Making the flowers is fun, but it's slow - and it isn't enough to turn my windowboxes into a "book". So I'm printing out some familiar sayings to put up, for the people stuck on the bus to read. Here's the first -
And that's it: A. Stitch. In. -- three windows, three words. The reader has to supply the rest. It's a format made familiar (though not in this form) by the "supply the missing words" exercise in panel games like The News Quiz. Really there's no "wrong" answer - and it's more fun when you don't limit yourself to the "right" answer.

Suggestions for further well-known sayings are very welcome. Proverbs, song titles, etc, etc...

1 comment:

Alison said...

You might like this web page - where children were given half a proverb and they supplied the rest :)
I like your idea - if I were a regular passenger, I would look out for the changing words. -sort of like random acts of kindness