24 November 2010


It was a lot of fun showing the members of Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt how to make folded and simply-sewn books. Here they are during the morning session, before the appearance in the centre of the floor of lots of colourful paper for covers. Space at the tables was a bit tight, so it was good that the books we made were small! In the afternoon, sewing - and more colourful paper covers.

We also had a brainstorm on the group's project for an exhibition inspired by Slough museum or town (http://tvcq-whateverfloats.blogspot.com/). On seeing the photos of the "bird tree" I knew I had to take part -
For one thing it reminded me of the dazzling Victorian case of birds in the Natural History Museum -
Also, on another photo (of a sculpture in the town) was the title: The flock of the sky birds. A gift; having a title keeps the project on track.

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