20 November 2010

Simple book structures

In this book tower are some flutter books and a "secret book" - the first two structures I'll be showing people even as you read this. They're each folded out of a square of letter-sized paper, with a cover made of origami paper. The exception is the nice thick flutter book that's holding up the one with the purple cover - that is 4 sheets of paper, joined together. It can behave nicely, or it can flutter out with a whoosh, almost to the floor!

I'll also be showing a pamphlet with a clever cover, and the japanese stab binding - which is so useful when you print out documents "two pages per sheet" and then fold them, and sew down the spine. As the back of the page is hidden, you can be very frugal and re-use paper for the printing. Hopefully we can fit an accordion (concertina) fold or two in there somewhere.

The studio clearout has brought to light lots of paper to bring along for people to use for covers. This will reduce my mountain of paper by about 2 inches...

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