19 January 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Islamic gallery, British Museum

An interesting display about shoes...
26cm high - the wearer needs support when walking in these!
Riding boots with iron heels, and dancing shoes with extensive soles
Toddler's shoes, and souvenir (or amulet) tiny shoes
The shoeshine box of "Celali Ibo Boyar, the cheerful shoe-shiner"
Syria, 1889s-90s; similar boxes are used in Turkey today
The rear view shows extra drawers for yet more necessary shoeshine equipment
Ceramic shoes based on European models
Out of all that I got these pages -
On the right, quick sketches of the shoes, and imagining
the footprints made - how big would the steps be?

Not to scale!

Sitting around the table after lunch, what did we discover?

Sue M's shoes

Mags' opaque glass flask(s), 12-13th century

Marina's flasks and interwoven patterns

Sue S's metal objects

Carol's metal objects

Joyce's  floral pattern from a huge ceramic basin

Two views of Janet's jade terrapin
Conversation touched on the availability and/or locations of sketching stools in various museums. Sue M and Carol had brought their own sketching stools along -
Considerations are height, comfort, weight, folded size, price ... and maybe whether it has a backrest.

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