11 January 2016

Fabric and photo archaeology

Every now and then you need to rummage in a box that's been unopened for years. I have a few of those, and tackled on recently.
A 1.2m square of delicious furnishing fabric. Keep.

A much-decorated bit of fabric. Use for ceramic dipping.

The back - better than the front?

Braided organza strips? Why? But they might be interesting for ceramic dipping...

Destined for Project Linus ... one day.

This I love - impromptu stitching. It might become part of my Drawn Threads project.

The back. It's about 18cm square.

Pulled on the bias, the stitches do interesting things.
And then there's the box of photos. The many boxes of hard-copy photos, sitting quietly, patiently in a corner. Among them, these "industrial" ones, augmented by the playmo guys...

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