13 January 2016

Some recent exhibitions

A sunny day in January, perfect for getting out and seeing something
A list of things seen, mostly just before the shows closed, in no particular order, with clickable links for the curious or procrastinatory (the links often contain short videos).

Panorama, drawings at the Courtauld; also Soaring Flight: Peter Lanyon's Gliding Paintings ("the extraordinary interior life of the sky").

One and All: A voyage through sight, sound and sea (Tania Kovats, Owen Sheers, Martyn Ware; with film by Benjamin Wigley) - seen in rooms under reconstruction at Somerset House, and available online at nationaltrust.org.uk/oneandall

Tintin at Somerset House (nice use of the window device)

Prix Pictet at Somerset House, east wing
Faraday's Synaptic Gap, an exhibition by Rick Myers at the Poetry Library and Courtauld Library

Liotard at the Royal Academy (an illustrated history lesson!)

from the video at royalacademy.org.uk
White by Edmund de Waal in the RA Library ("the white was a way of focusing and concentrating on things, of taking away the extraneous")

Between the Land and the Sea at the RA (Murray Robertson, Marion Leven, Fiona Watson, )

Susan Hiller at Lisson Gallery - good to see move along the lines of "Dedicated to the Unknown Artists"

Fabric of India at V&A

A "Gewitterbild" - made by lightning, with a little help from Floris Neususs (via)
Lightworks: the art of the photogram - some of the artists: Hans Kupelweiser, Floris Neususs [Gewitterbilder], Werner Bischof, Richard Caldicott

Giacometti, The Artist's Mother (1950) (via)
Giacometti: Pure Presence at NPG - "everything changes into a form that is taut and intense in a highly contained way"

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