23 January 2016

London Art Fair

Out of the many photos added to my "camera notebook", these are thinking-points for drawing. Unfortunately I didn't always photograph or record the artist's name, nor do I have the energy to add all the links.
Embossing, watercolour?, ink - Ben Nicholson

Wood drawing by Chris Kenny

Jessie Brennan, A Fall of Ordinariness and Light, 2014
(even the first one shows crumpling)

New ways of displaying drawings

Charcoal landscape by Dorothy Mead (1928-1975), 1967

It's done by tone alone

Large, leafy tree by Sue Ashworth...

... in watercolour.

Parquet floor drawing (laser cut) by Rachel Whiteread

Layered textile and paper by Fabrice Cazenave...

...close up, without reflections

Writing as drawing [artist's name not recorded]
... lots of tiny writing!
Fiona Watson, prints

Interior space (Mark Entwisle)

No idea who the artist is - I liked the rhythm in these pieces

William Scott drawing - the simplicity and
rhythmic composition of his paintings interests me 

Hidden pins used to make telling shadows
(closeup of small elements in small section of a large piece)


Sandy said...

Do they ever encourage drawings to have organic edges rather than the rectangular paper? I see some of your inspiration photos are more ingenious in display.

Connie Rose said...

What fabulous work, especially the textile pieces!