05 January 2016

Drawing Tuesday - stained glass at the V&A

So many interesting things in the gallery - the more you look, the more you see.
re-used glass looking like a landscape detail

glimpses of the courtyard facade of the building

Don't those dogs look 1930s? (Christ in the House of Simon)
Suddenly I sat down in front of this one -
Three angels visiting Abraham, 1530s
Getting the negative spaces, ie the leading, via much erasure

A light application of neocolour and discrete use of water-brush

Leading added with non-soluble medium, thinking of further colour to come

Some details added with pencil
Then suddenly it was time to stop!

Revelations -

Janet's section of "Entry into Jerusalem"

Joyce's "Sister Moon - Mother Earth" by Graham Jones; the diptych is on loan to the museum

Sue's 1918 memorial panel, designed by Leonard Walker; the top part was at the foot of the full figure

Janet B's Ethiopian censer (from the Sacred Silver collection in the same room)

Najlaa's detail of the Graham Jones piece, and a border panel

Michelle's corpus figure and a panel made 1309-1314 showing Agnes, Duchess of Lower Bavaria
You may recognise some of these ...
14th-century panels

sunlight and stained glass

On the left, the original (c.1375); on the right (colours altered by camera tricked by different lighting),
a version made in a short video showing how stained glass is made

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