27 January 2016

Up Brick Lane

Brick Lane (east London) has changed so much in recent years - from Indian restaurants, especially Balti houses, everywhere, to trendy shops and coffee bars everywhere. Since the 1980s, when I worked not too far away, I haven't been a regular visitor, and can't say I've been "shocked" at the transformation - it always has felt like another world, one of anthropological or fantastic (ie, related to fantasy) interest. Poking the camera through doors and windows caught some things changed and some about to change.
Soon to be a coffee bar?

From pub to coffee bar to impending dereliction

Indian fabric store from "the old days"

Gentrified and restored houses from the very old days

A mixture of Indian lamp posts and London xmas lights

Semi-exotic grocery store

Friendly barber

Some small leftovers; some big street art

Chocolate shops are taking over!

Ah, the Old Truman Brewery - unrecognisable now

A downtrodden history?


Joining up the backs of things



More "stuff"

Intersection ... or collision?

Old windows, new shops

The two beigel/bagel shops at the top of Brick Lane

Ripe for redevelopment ...

... but even the scaffolding looks old and sad

In 2010 this wall had a notice about a lost budgie

Kingsland Road - more old buildings with new shops

Destination: Geffrye Museum

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