31 January 2016

What the hell's going on here?

Man and fish? Hard to tell what's going on ... here's the snippet in context -
After-dinner entertainment? That "fish" looks rather like the mouth of hell (as encountered recently in this 9th century ivory, and fabricated (in 2009) here) ... is the fellow being pushed in, or about to be rescued?

It's an example of what the Getty museum offers up weekly as a caption competition. Compare your own witty caption with others at http://thegetty.tumblr.com/post/134300296576/thycaptionbe-you-look-like-hell-you-captioned. The full story is there, too, amusingly told. (If you're on tumblr, or even if you're not, the site for past and future caption competitions is thegetty.tumblr.com

"#ThyCaptionBe is a celebration of modern interpretations of medieval aesthetics. You guess what the heck is going on, then we myth-bust." says the site. Good, old-fashioned fun!

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