09 January 2016


Do you gather your threadends ... and if so, what do you do with them once the container is full?

The great tangle disturbs me rather - but the layers of colour are quite wonderful -
Ghosts of the unsewn. Or just another midden, ripe for a postmodern archaeology.


Olga Norris said...

Your threadends pic reminded me of a photo I'd seen recently on Fiona Rutherford's blog - the second last one in this link:


You could build up a number of colour cards with the ends - if you can be bothered. I must say that I just throw mine away.

irene macwilliam said...

I have sandwiched the thread ends in dissolvable and then densely stitched them and produced a lovely nearly A4 size fabric. I fancied doing a jacket but it takes such a long time to gather the threads, perhaps some day. I will not allow white or near to white threads.
I save all the trimmed rayon embroidery threads when trimming off quilting or embroidery work, but it does take ages. In the jar it is interesting to sometimes see a layer of a particular colour.
Please do not throw out. I will pay postage if you are of that mind.

apiecefullife said...

I have made a whole shawl oversewing threads between layers of Solvi but they do make good subjects for photos, cards even

Gillian Cooper said...

My Diploma Group were using some today in paper making and felt making to add extra colour. I used to save them in jars, intending to use them but... after years of admiring them, I threw loads out as they were just gathering dust!