09 January 2016

Piddling about with drawing (2)

Other bits of "drawing homework" over the xmas break ...

Revisiting the first project, scaling up Playmo folk (in charcoal) and positioning them in a setting -
 For the setting, I digitally transformed a photo taken in Annecy, just to get a sense of what's happening in it -
For the large (A2) version, I was glad to be able to draw on a vertical surface, a nice big sheet of board that's been left leaning against my fabric cupboard -
The outcome is a bit blah and I didn't really find anything in the project that grabbed me, nor do the figures really fit into their landscape. But it was fun in a surrealistic way, and I did get involved in the drawing and do a lot of thinking and erasing along the way. It probably needs a darker area somewhere.

Just for fun, an aimless bit of dabbling with ink -
and sewing on some scraps of fabric. This felt within my comfort zone... just trying things out for half an hour - using the materials at hand, literally within arm's reach.

I've also been stitching into paper, with the aim of drawing the results ... that's ongoing, more later.

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irene macwilliam said...

love the sketch, 3rd image in your entry. I like the abstactness of it and the contrasting shapes.