30 October 2016

Along the Grand Union

The clocks went back, and the autumnal morning mist rolled in -

A quick coffee and toast, and out for a short stroll along the canal. But it was so beautiful, so quiet, I just kept going .......

 along the towpath
past moored narrowboats and barges
The smell of woodsmoke

Mad! (note the canoodling couple in the bathtub)
Hallowe'en reflections
past various sorts of wildlife
The 'regulars' meet near Ladbroke Grove Sainsburys

Double layers of spider webs

The patient heron

A gaggle? covey? glide? of swans

Cygnets en famille

A collusion? intimidation? spacing? of terns (spot the magpie)
In one of the industrial estates that line the canal are murals of horse and heron -
 and the canal (and towpath)
 crosses the North Circular -
 Elsewhere, structures glimpsed over the wall -

 In suburbia, edging a golf course, lovely reflections -
 And finally, near Greenford station, the marked path (Capital Ring) passes through wetlands -
For (only) a tiny moment I was tempted to go the extra 9 miles to Richmond Bridge ... but decided to leave that little jaunt for another day. 

Plenty of led, group walks were on offer, but they involve travelling for an hour or so to the start of the walk. How wonderful to have "green walks" so close to home! I was out the door at 7.45 [GMT] and back home, with a coffee-shop stop in Kensal Rise, well before noon.

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