09 October 2016

Strolling in Hillingdon and Harrow

Yesterday's walk in north-west London started at Northwood (Metropolitan Line), a pleasant-looking place -
We soon got off the roads, past a golf course, and into the fields and woods - Ruislip Woods Nature Reserve -
and came to the 60-acre lake known as Ruislip Lido -
which has a sandy beach and large cafe - and little railway, though it's not so little as it's Britain's longest 12-inch gauge railway -
On the trail round the lake you can "walk the planets", with signboards  about each planet spaced proportionally to their position in the solar system (we never did get to Neptune or Uranus) -
Then along part of the Celandine Route, which goes along the River Pinn, passing through lovely woods -
 In Pinner Memorial Park, the Heath Robinson Museum will be opening on 15 October -
 From Pinner, trains back to central London are also on the Metropolitan Line.

When I go on the walks I have no idea where we're actually walking, so writing about them is a chance to find out about where we've been.

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