19 October 2016

Contemporary art sketchbook walk course - week 1

First meeting started at Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood - challengingly noisy!

Amanda provided information on using line and tone

A longish but invigorating walk to Chisenhale Gallery to see an animation by Peter Wachtler (till 11 Dec)
Then to other galleries on the list, in a cluster south of Bethnal Green: Maureen Paley, Laura Bartlett, Herald Street, Campoli Presti ... and ...
... "End-User" at The Ryder (till 12 November)

Annette Kelm at Herald Street

Jutta  Koether at Campoli Presti (till 12 November)

Review of sketchbooks at the end of the day. 
I missed seeing Sol Calero at Laura Bartlett (till 13 November), might be able to go back, looks interesting!

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