04 October 2016

Thirteen Textile Group - Connections

WAC, 14 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA (just along from Waterloo)

Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th October 2016

Open daily 11.00 -18.00

Quite a buzz at the PV last night. I went along early to get some panoramic views -
"Cathy's Cutlery" series by Lynne Acred, and work by Moe Casey near the door

Work by Marilyn Williams, Sue McKay, Rose Chapman, Ashokashri

Work by Pam Smyth and Lynne Acred

Upstairs is work by Rose Chapman and Sue McKay
Click on the links to see their work in close-up. Lighting conditions were tricky and my photos are ... "of variable quality" ...
The cozy corner under the stairs

Lynne Acred's transfer dye paintings include homages to her favourite artists

Four of Pam Smyth's five panels showing the migration of the arctic tern

Rusting and stitching on a celtic theme by Moe Casey

Sue McKay started these panels by printing on linen

Part of a larger series by Marie-Claire Mawle inspired by the fragility of flowers

Sally Eland - the power and chaos of mutation

Hebridean landscape by Ashokashri

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