22 October 2016

On the home front

Sometimes - not very often recently - I go and visit my flat, which is still under renovation. In years to come I'll look back on this "interesting" time, and having a few photos will bring back a flood of recollections, if only of  how not to do it "next time".

Progress is being made. The unopened, returnable packets of the unsuitable flooring await collection by the courier --
This leaves the stairs clear, and as the dusty work is done (or is it?), soon the plastic covering the carpet might be removed, along with bags of cement etc -
Where once my little pots gathered dust, now there are empty shelves! The pots are packed up, and drilling will soon be taking place in this wall, to deal with bits of wiring, and there's a plan to change the shelves to cabinets with glass doors, here and elsewhere -
In the studio-as-was-and-will-be-again - clear floor space! Only a small patch, but it's a start -
Plans for the bookshelves have been pretty much finalised and involve an entire wall of the living room, but bookshelves take a lot of time to build, so the plastic here will be in place for a while yet -
I spent a happy half hour clearing out the under-sink cupboard -
It's so encouraging to have a definite, finite space in order
Tom is using the living room as a workshop at the moment; he's making skirting boards, yet another thing that still needs doing -
The gold flooring is underlay - soon to be covered with a wood floor
The corner - butted, not mitred - isn't a straightforward cut and it's a beautiful fit. In the background, the bits of wiring will be fixed once the drilling through the wall takes place -
Now we are left with some of the prime grade canadian birch flooring - enough for a small room or a couple of landings, should you know someone who would be interested -
Five cartons of birch flooring for sale!

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