04 October 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Tate Modern

Our distination was the new Switch House. Floor 4 has an artist's room with Louise Bourgeois' work ... and various groups of schoolchildren drawing -

What I thought were candles turned out to be spools of thread, with giant needles in that big black shape. The large shape is made from a woollen blanket, the smaller shapes from berets that had been worn by the artist over the years -

 People politely skirted the map of Beirut Caoutchouc (by Marwan Rechamoui), until the warder nonchalantly walked across it - after which everyone started "engaging with the artist's representation of a city which has historically shown great resiliance in the face of earthquake, fire and war", as it said on the wall label -

To fill the interval till lunch, I pulled up my chair to this intriguing sandcastle -
 ...but it wasn't sand. It's made of couscous, by Kader Attia -
Jo drew it too -
And the others went to other floors -
Joyce's "shapes"

Carol's metal objects

Sue drew the Lygia Clark foldy-metal thing too
...and found an intriguing screen but didn't have time to finish
Tool of the week - two crayons, one gritty, like pastel (Sepia light), and one waxy (Sanguine oil) -

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