18 October 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Wellcome Collection

Arriving early, I used the till receipt for a bracing cup of coffee for a warm-up ... loose marks combining to resemble (somewhat) the vase of gladioli and lilies -
Photos from here and there, some taken in retrospect -
nice place for a little afternoon snooze!

Florence Nightingale's moccasins, worn at Scutari 1850-56

amazing bottles

Statues of deceased twins (Yoruba people, Nigeria) (via)
wooden statue showing childbirth, Angola, 19th century (via)

Janet's rendition of the childbirth figure

Sue's rendition of the deceased twins
Jo's massaging apparatus

Carol's collection includes the giant jellybaby

Joyce's shoes (or rather, Florence N's)

Michelle's contrasting sculptural figures
my marks-becoming-lettering (taken from Mary Kelly's
  Post-Partum Document VI, 1978)

my large drawing, with blunt crayon, based on Ramon y Cajal's microscopic
 ink drawings of delicate neural structures

Michelle brought along some books she's been making out of here prints and other sources
 Returning to the Reading Room after lunch, I'd hoped to see again the book that had fascinated me previously - a facsimile of Mascagni's plates of the lymph system. It had disappeared, but another fascinating facsimile book was available -

How is it that you revisit places and still don't notice so many things? This time, the ink-on-slate drawings held my attention, bot for their almost-xrayness and for the process used to produce them -

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