08 October 2016

Farewell, Wolf

Sad news yesterday of the death of photographer and friend Wolf Suschitzky at the age of 104. Tony and I met Wolf just before his 90th birthday, introduced by Julia Winckler at her exhibition Traces at the Weiner Library in 2003. Tony was involved in producing the volumes of Wolf's photographs that appeared a decade or so later, and in setting up Wolf's website. Through "the Wolf connection" we attended many events at the Austrian Cultural Forum, including the presentation of several honours to Wolf in recent years. 

The first time I ever had Weinerschnitzl was when Wolf prepared it (and me with a german heritage!). He was "such a gent", and one of those people who one feels will live forever.

A comprehensive obituary was in the Guardian today (a shorter version appeared online), and further obits have appeared elsewhere.  

In one of those coincidences that happen in large cities, my son spotted Wolf and his partner, Heather, walking along Upper Street (miles from his home) as we, in a car, were stopped at a traffic light. We exchanged hellos, and as we drove off Tom and I marvelled at the youthfulness of this centenarian - and until recently Wolf went to his local market every week to buy his fruit&veg. 

A few months ago Wolf was signing books at the Ben Uri gallery's exhibition, Unseen: London, Paris, New York, 1930s-1960s -
Above him was one of his photos. The gallery was packed with people.

Farewell, Wolf - it was such a pleasure, an honour, to know you.

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