22 January 2018


Another day indoors, continuing with the sports pages cutouts. As well as the outlined shapes of the action men, there will be "sports words". This is a possible layout ... I wonder if it has too many figures, or if some are too small or too large -
The paper sometimes curled and cast interesting shadows -

 Quite a few of the players were photographed in horizontal flight (latter-day angels?) -

How, now, to transfer the outlines to fabric? Or do I want to use these actual photographs, perhaps fuse them to the fabric, or can they be glued on... or outlined with a pencil? I flipped them over and reversed the positions, just to see what would happen. The coins weight them down, and represent the position of the balls -
 Timid outlining -
 And some more closeups - they happened to be in a sunny spot, hence the shadows and the text on the back showing through.

 How wonderfully floaty is this top, how delicate the footwork? -
 Detached from their backgrounds, these figures are full of interest.

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Lesley Brankin said...

Hi Margaret I have been lurking for a while and reading your post. I just had to comment on todays as it has really peeked my interest - aren't those shadows fabulous on your 'ball figures'? Is there anyway you can capture the dimensionality they give? Best wishes Lesley