12 January 2018

Walking research

A quick trip to Stanfords, the map shop, to research the proposed walk along the Camino de Santiago.

The Camino starts off in the mountains - lovely map, scary terrain! -
 There's a (top) shelf full of books, but even lifting my head to look at them brought on dizziness -
 This one seems to be definitive, updated annually -
And this book, by Rene Freund, was available - one man's account of the journey. But I bought nothing at this point. Still mulling.


Gilly Tee said...

I would love to do the Camino, my daughter did it in her gap year and loved it. Have you watched the film "The Way"?

Living to work - working to live said...

Pop over to Flora The Explora, a blog by a brilliant young writer and traveller. You may have to hunt a bit but she did this a few years ago and wrote some lovely blog posts about the adventure.