07 January 2018

Floor-standing sculptural mandalas

An informative talk at Waddington Custot gallery, Cork St, by Jon Wood on the work of David Annesley (b.1936), who began making sculptures of welded steel in the 1960s. He studied under Anthony Caro at St Martins School of Art, 1958-62. Before that he had trained as a pilot in the RAF, and it was contended that one way of looking at the works was as aerial views. And the size of the circles was the diameter of a fuselage....
 "The artist Kenneth Noland, who was a close friend, saw Annesley’s sculptures as the extension of colour field painting: as painting got flatter, Annesley saw the potential of sculpture to take colour to another dimension." (via)
 The reflection of colours in Untitled (1969) was particularly alluring -

 As were the shadows elsewhere -
and the sinuousness of the ogee shapes -
Some of the works had been remade, the originals having perished in a warehouse fire in the 1990s.

More words about the exhibition are here.

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